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Things to Do in Baltimore

Looking for the best things to do in Baltimore? We've got you covered.

Panchkarma treatment in Kerala India

Ayurveda is a traditional form of healing from ancient India and one of the oldest available methods of health care. It is a system of preventive and curative medicine and techniques that promotes well-being. Backed by Vedic science, Ayurveda uses natural therapies and ingredients to treat our body and balance the doshas. Our Panchkarma center in India, Rishikul Ayurshala, aims at purifying the human body from infections and toxic manifestation.


Program Description:

Panchkarma treatment in Kerala is a five-step curative and detoxification process for cleansing the body from toxins. Using natural therapies and medicated oils, toxins are flushed out, cleaning the several tracts of our body. The Ayurvedic balanced diet promotes optimum nutrition to the body, restoring it to its original form.


The Five Purging Treatment:


Vamana is a powerful process to treat the doshas of the body, mainly Kaphadosha, through the removal of toxins from the upper tissues of the body. This treatment includes liquification of the accumulated toxins and getting rid of them through induced vomiting.



This process aims at correcting the Pitta dosha by flushing out toxins accumulated in the liver and gallbladder, through the rectum. It cleans major organs of the body such as the stomach, kidneys, intestines, and colon.



This technique uses massages and oils to relax the body by opening up the nerves and releasing tension from the body. Medicated oils and herbal solutions are administered through nostrils, followed by a relaxing massage that relieves headaches, migraines, and sinuses.



Basti helps in curing the Vata dosha founded in the colon region. The treatment involves medicinal oils and herbal powders that are orally administered in liquid form, which helps in expunging toxins from the body.



This therapy purifies the contaminated blood and alleviates major skin problems. Leech therapy is also used to suck impure blood and get rid of toxins.



  • Cleanses the overall body and flushes toxins from blood
  • Enhances the metabolic processes
  • Promotes easy flow of blood and other nutrients within the body
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Strengthens and improves the digestive process
  • Balances the tri-doshas of the body
  • Increases overall strength, endurance and vitality
  • Invigorates the tissues in our body
  • Enhances the responsiveness of nervous system
  • Reduces stress and headaches by calming the mind


Food and Accommodation:

Indulge in nutritional and Ayurvedic balanced meals, thrice a day. The food is prepared hygienically using fresh ingredients and special herbs and spices. We also offer refreshing herbal tea and drinks for rejuvenation and detoxification purposes.


We also offer Yogic style lodging facility at our center. The spacious rooms carry all the basic amenities that one would require for a good night’s sleep. All the rooms have twin beds, comfortable mattresses, ceiling fan, study area, and private bathroom.



  • Panchakarma Treatment for 7 Days: USD 550
  • Panchakarma Treatment for 14 Days: USD 1000
  • Panchakarma Treatment for 21 Days: USD 1500
  • Panchakarma Treatment for 30 Days: USD 1800


About Rishikulayurshala:

RishikulYogshala aims to set a benchmark for Ayurvedic studies and treatments to promote health care at its highest standard and Rishikulayurshala also provide different courses like Ayurvedic Treatment in India. We focus on overall wellbeing through the modern approach of ancient Vedic science and the benefits of Ayurveda.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The Haiwa beach residency, Kurakkanni, Near helipad, North cliff, Thiruvananthapuram-695141 Prashanthi garden green beach resort,, Kurakkanni, Near helipad, North



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