Things to Do in Baltimore

Looking for the best things to do in Baltimore? We've got you covered.

Things to Do in Baltimore

Looking for the best things to do in Baltimore? We've got you covered.

BORDERLINE – OPen Studio - Filles Debouttes !

From May 30 to June 20, 2019, Pigment Sauvage – Art & Residencies hosts the Montreal art collective Filles Debouttes ! They will work on their project " Borderline". Their project is a part of the larger group project La Track / The Track. 


Borderline relates directly to the creation and research process in the shape of a female road trip which gave birth to the collective. The project peeks into the position of women within cities and hyper-industrialized environments. The project’s title, Borderline, is in reference to a limit state, to chaos at the boundaries and the idea of borders. It also echoes a certain form of stigma relating to personality disorders. This relation with various interpretations of the limit will be influencing our research. We will seek to blur the broadened scape of painting using eerie fictions driven by community, territory and the collective psyche. Our most recent studies regarding cities and port industries make our anchoring between Baltimore and Montreal all the more relevant. As an authentic gateway to America for European settlers during the Gilded Age, the Baltimore port is still used for passenger transportation to this day even though its main activity is offering roll-on/roll-off ferry services (vehicle transportation). Here the notion of movement builds up in a very tangible form while setting our imaginaries free by intersecting with aimless wandering.

As both flâneuses (loafers) and reporters, our work method will consist of strolling around and foraging while in the field. The simple enjoyment of meandering on the streets has long been considered a masculine activity. Using urban loafing in its feminine mode seems to be a way to explore our subjectivity, give shape to our experiences, make unprecedented discoveries, form alliances, move towards others while integrating this very battle for visibility. The flâneuse is also the vagabond, the vagrant, the migrant, the refugee, the deported, the trekker, the joyful wayfarer. She avoids beaten paths, clears her own land. These explorations, as political as they are critical, touch on notions of marginality, social exclusion and uprootedness.

This intellectual and creative posture will allow us to grasp the way we think about language, the world, the Other and ourselves. We will be working on eliciting a poetics of the non-locus in our relation to creation. From a few signposts located between Baltimore and Montreal, we will create new ties, new common loci. With this research posture, we will be exposed to new ways of circulating within the city, of carrying our bodies, of being, thinking, creating.



Filles Debouttes ! manipulates images to highlight the aberrations of the world around us. Their pictorial propositions tackle notions of social, economical, sexual and media domination – hinged on the ideas of survival and borders. The fictions they create exalt the singularities in our collective identity through engaged paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations. In the way of Quebecois so-called radical feminists, they seek to establish themselves as legitimate through the formulation of demands, yet in a hazy manner and fractured through painting. Filles Debouttes ! is three artists – Christine Major, Isabelle Guimond, Gabrielle Lajoie-Bergeron – longing to work together. It is an exploratory journey where impressions are collected through fieldwork and unique encounters are the engine that drives creation.

The collective’s name is a nod to avant-garde feminist journal “Québécoises deboutte !”, published between 1971 and 1974 and initiated by the Front de libération des femmes du Québec (FLF). In the way of Quebecois so-called radical feminists, we seek to build an identity and a legitimacy for ourselves by devising a rhetoric and formulating demands, yet we choose to keep it shrouded, exploded, by electing devices and mediums that are not linear and do not give off the whole story. This is a deliberate choice. We have no intention of imposing a point of view, but rather sharing a lens, undoing the hierarchical order inherent to places, outlining new crossroads and repossessing ourselves through empowerment. Filles Debouttes ! exposes and announces that something is not quite right, that something is cooking, while also expressing that something else is possible…

Saturday, June 15, 2019 at 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Pigment Sauvage – Art and residencies 1427 Bolton Street

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